The Foundation promotes the training of teachers and researchers in business management through a program of mobility scholarships for students for doctorate programs in Management. It also offers study grants to cover enrollment in full-time Master’s programs, with the aim of attracting and developing the skill of talented young people.

Grupo Alumnos Master IESE

Scholarships for Doctoral Students

One of the priority areas for the IESE International Foundation is the development of educators and researchers in the PhD and graduate management programs. Through the scholarships it grants, it seeks to attract international talent to management schools and faculties.

These students, once they have received their doctorates, often pursue careers as university and business school professors, making it a training program for educators with a great multiplier effect.

Scholarships are currently awarded to study a Master of Research in Management (MRM) program. 

The awarding of scholarships is made on the basis of legal disclosure, objectivity and competitiveness.

Fernando Pereira Scholarships

Professor Fernando Pereira was a professor at IESE from 1958, Dean of IESE from 1970 to 1978 and in 2010 he was one of the two founders of the IESE International Foundation. He died in 2018.

Professor Pereira is recognized by many business management schools around the world for his great academic work in teaching accounting. He knew how to combine rigor with an ability to make the key concepts of his subject easy to understand. His book “Accounting for management”, published in 1970 and written in collaboration with several professors, is now in its 25th edition.

To honor his dedication to students and society in general over more than fifty years, in 2020 the Foundation established the Fernando Pereira Scholarships for Excellence program for two students with excellent academic records in the Master’s programs.

Other Scholarship funds

In accordance with its foundational principles, the foundation has established some scholarship funds with dedicated donations, received from individual or institutional donors: in this case it commits to investing the fund’s capital so that scholarships can be awarded with the returns obtained, but also to reinvesting a part of the fund every year so that, in the long term, it does not lose its purchasing power, making it a perpetual fund. The established funds are:

  1. Alonso Stuyck Fund to provide scholarships and grants, in memory of Luis Alonso Manglano and Isabel Clara Stuyck Caruana;
  2. Amtmann Family Fund, awarding scholarships for MBA students from the continent of America. 
  3. Bartolomé-Carreño Fund, awarding scholarships to students from rural and sparsely populated areas.
  4. Bernardo Royo Fund, awarding scholarships and research grants.
  5. Costafreda Fund awarding scholarships to students with a university teaching vocation.
  6. IESE Foundation Fund, awarding mobility grants for doctoral students, especially from the continent of Africa.
  7. International Foundation Fund for Educational Development, awarding mobility grants for doctoral students with limited financial resources.
  8. IESE Foundation UK Fund, tawarding scholarships for MBA students, established with donations from the British Chapter of the IESE Alumni association.


Van Nguyen


“Thanks to this economic assistance, we can pay attention and focus on our research”.


Shagun Tripathi


“Contributors to IESE International Foundation scholarship fund are helping to create new knowledge and therefore make an impact on society”.


Terwase Viashima


“By providing financial assistance, IESE International Foundation can ensure diversity that enriches the learning experience”.


Ali Ahmad Alamein


“Offer scholarships to people from different backgrounds and give them the chance to compete is very important”.