The Foundation supports research focused on economics and business management carried out by IESE’s Business School Research Chairs. The commitment of IESE’s faculty to research and the generation of new ideas is rooted in the mission of the school.

The IESE’s Research Chairs carry out multidisciplinary and rigorous research that is relevant to the current and future needs of businesses and society. The faculty develops research in a wide range of academic areas, but several have gained international visibility through the years. Some of these are strategy, leadership, entrepreneurial initiative, ethics, globalization, emerging markets, public sector, digital economy, corporate governance and sustainability.

IESE’s Business School (University of Navarra) faculty comprises 105 full-time professors from 31 countries, all of whom hold PhD degrees. Working with them are 54 research assistants, eight visiting professors and 80 researchers.

Abertis Chair of Regulation, Competition and Public Policy

Xavier Vives, Professor of Economics and Financial Management

Banco Sabadell Chair of Emerging Markets

Pedro Videla, Professor of Economics

Bertrán Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship

Júlia Prats, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Boehringer Ingelheim Research Fund

Antoni García Prat, Senior Lecturer in IESE’s Accounting and Control Department

CaixaBank Chair of Sustainability and Social Impact

Joan Fontrodona, Professor of Business Ethics and Analysis of Business Problems

Carl Schroeder Chair in Strategic Management

Joan Enric Ricart, Professor of Strategic Management

Carmina Roca and Rafael Pich-Aguilera Women and Leadership Chair

Nuria Chinchilla, Professor of Managing People in Organizations

CELSA Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing

Eduard Calvo, Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management

Chair of Business Ethics

Domènec Melé, Professor of Business Ethics

Chair of Corporate Finance

Pablo Fernández, Professor of Financial Management

Chair of Family-Owned Business

Marta Elvira, Professor of Strategic Management & Managing People in Organizations

Cobas AM Chair for Savings and Pensions

Javier Díaz-Giménez, Professor of Economics at IESE

Creand Entrepreneurship and Banking Chair

Albert Fernández, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Accounting and Control

Eurest Chair of Excellence in Services

Philip Moscoso, Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management

Grupo Santander Chair of Financial Institutions and Corporate Governance

Gaizka Ormazabal, Professor of Accounting and Control

IESE Foundation Chair of Corporate Governance

Jordi Canals, Professor of Strategic Management and Economics

Indra Chair of Digital Strategy

Josep Valor, Professor of Information Systems

Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior

José Luis Nueno, Professor of Marketing

Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management

Núria Mas, Professor of Economics

Joaquim Molins Figueras Chair of Strategic Alliances

África Ariño, Professor of Strategic Management

José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration

Santiago Álvarez de Mon, Professor of Managing People in Organizations

Juan Antonio Pérez López Chair

John Almandoz, Professor in the Department of Managing People in Organizations

Puig Chair of Global Leadership Development

Anneloes Raes, Professor of Managing People in Organizations

Schneider Electric Sustainability and Business Strategy Chair

Pascual Berrone, Professor of Strategic Management