IESE International Foundation

Every grant is an investment in the future. The impact of the foundation is possible thanks to an exercise of generosity on the part of many donors.

The IESE International Foundation is an international, non-profit civil initiative with the aim of improving the positive impact that business executives and managers have on people and society.

To this end, it promotes research into aspects of management and training of both teachers and leaders who are capable of contributing to the common good of people and society.

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The Foundation Report provides the relevant information on the activities carried out over the last year in each of the three fundamental areas of action: training, research and cooperation. It is an exercise in institutional transparency that also includes the annual accounts and the audit report.

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In order to achieve greater stability and continuity over time, the Foundation secures a part of the donations In the Endowment, a permanent fund that is invested with the aim of financing projects in such a way that it does not lose purchasing power over time.