Letter from the President

The complex crossroads of today’s society, both nationally and internationally, requires leaders who provide a vision of the priority social objectives and the paths that will lead to achieving them sooner and better.

The mission of the IESE International Foundation is to offer professional and human training opportunities to help improve the professional competence of those leaders. With this training they can contribute more effectively to the generation of employment for the thousands of people that the world urgently needs and to improve the quality of life of their families.

Together with the stated mission, the Foundation also collaborates with “The Africa Initiative” covering management schools such as the MDE Business School in Cote d’Ivoire, Lagos Business School in Nigeria, and Strathmore Business School in Kenya. In these management schools, new opportunities are provided to local entrepreneurs and managers helping them to achieve professional excellence and reinforce the commitment to promote progress in the social field in which they exercise their profession.

For each Foundation project, together with the necessary economic support, the aim is to promote social improvement and increase the well-being of many families. For this reason, the Foundation understands that every grant represents a mutual investment, possible thanks only to the generosity of many.

The Foundation has a permanent Endowment fund, made up of donations from people sharing the stated objectives. The net returns from the fund finance a part of the long-term projects. The fund has a markedly social character, making its investments, with the guidance of experts, according to the principles of responsible investment. Special consideration is given to the risks and opportunities related to sustainability, social impact and good corporate governance (ESG).

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am grateful for the generosity, support and dedication of so many people who make the IESE International Foundation possible.

Carlos Cavallé Pinós


The following individuals form part of the Board:

Carlos Cavallé Pinós


Antonio Argandoña Rámiz


Jaime Alonso Stuyck

Managint Director

Juan Antonio Galán Gamero


Mª Jesús Grandes Garci


Josep Tàpies Lloret


Juan Bosco Bofill Gorrindo

Secretary (without being a member of the board)